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  • Model: TGS 6x4
    Application: Medium/long-haul distribution – round-town or B-double prime mover, furniture removal van, horse transport, tray truck
    Category: Heavy-duty prime mover & cab chassis
    Engine: Option of either a 10.5L or 12.4L six-cylinder engine ranging from 360 to 540HP
    Cab: Option of M, L, or LX cab
    GVM: 26,000kg
    GCM: Up to 90,000kg on application
    Wheelbase: Option of 3200mm and 5100mm wheelbase
  • Engine Options: MAN, D20 10.5 L 360HP
    MAN, D20 10.5 L 440HP
    MAN, D26 12.5 L 540HP
    MAN, D20 10.5 L 400HP
    MAN, D26 12.5 L 480HP
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