Western Star 4800FXC

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  • Model: Detroit Diesel DD15 EGR 14.8 litre 475, 500, 505, 530 & 560hp
    Air Compressor Options: BW Model BA-921 19.0 CFM single cylinder compressor with safety valve
    Oil Filter: Full flow: Engine mounted
    Air Cleaner Options: Dual stainless steel 13” Donaldson cowl mounted air cleaners with polished stainless steel bands, Dual stainless steel 13” Donaldson cowl mounted with inline separator & extension rams & water resistant element
    Fan Clutch: Reinforced nylon fan BorgWarner (Kysor) fan clutch, Optional Horton two-speed fan clutch
    Radiator Options: 1875 square inch, heavy-duty copper/brass radiator core
    Exhaust Options: Dual vertical muffler & stack with polished perforated stainless steel exhaust shield with
    logo; chromed stack & lower elbow; cab mounted with diesel particulate filter, Optional single exhaust available
    Oil Seals: Front & back oil seals; Chicago Rawhide ‘Scotseal XL’ , Oil seals included with Sisu axles
  • Type: Eaton Fuller 15½” Solo VCT dampened ceramic adjustment-free soft rate clutch
  • Model: Eaton Fuller 13, 15 & 18-speed manual & 18-speed & ultra-shift with oil pump & Hayden Cooler & oil filter, (synthetic lube standard), Eaton Fuller auxiliary transmissions also available with certain engine/transmission
  • Model: Meritor MFS73 available standard, Meritor FG941, FL941 options available, Forward Axle 838mm (33”) set-back dimension
  • Model: Meritor Dual Drive 40,000lb up to 52,000lb, Dana Spicer Dual Drive 44,000lb up to 52,000lb, Sisu Dual Drive 70,000lb, Meritor, Dana, Sisu TRI Drive 69,000lb up to 364,000lb, Synthetic lube standard
  • Main Driveline Options: Meritor MXL 18N with full round yokes & solid rubber bearings; optional Dana Spicer
    SPL250HD ‘XL’ with half round yokes Meritor RPL25SD heavy-duty series; non-greasable
    Interaxle Driveline Options: Meritor MXL 17N with full round yokes, optional Dana Spicer SPL170 ‘XL’ with half
    round yokes, Meritor RPL20 heavy duty series; nongreasable
  • Type: Taper leaf rated at 7,500kg (16,600 lb) total capacity; cast iron spring brackets, Optional Flat leaf 7,500kg (16,600lb), taper and flat leaf 8,165 kg (18,000 lb), flat leaf 9,072 kg (20,000 lb); Threaded pins & bushings standard, Synthetric lube standard
  • Type: Airliner tandem drive 46,000lb, extra duty 40,000lb, Hendrickson tandem drive PRIMAAX 46,000lb, Meritor/Rockwell tandem drive six-rod AC6SS 46,000lb & AC-6T 52,000lb, Neway tandem drive AD246 46,000lb
    AD252, 52,000lb, Tuf-Trac tandem drive 46,000lb & 52,000lb Neway tri drive AD369 69,000lb, AD378 78,000lb
  • Front Brake Options: WABCO Antilock Braking System (ABS) with traction control, Meritor 419mm x 152mm (16.5 x 6”) available standard, optional Meritor 419mm x 127mm (16.5” x 5”) FG941 ‘Q-Plus’ cam; automatic slack adjusters,
    Bendix ADB22X Air Disc optional
    Rear Brakes: Wabco Antilock Braking System (ABS) with traction control, Meritor 419mm x 178mm (16.5 x ”) ‘Q-Plus’
    cam with MGM chambers, automatic slack adjusters include fabricated & HD shoes, Sisu 410mm x 210mm (16.25 x 8.25) included with Sisu rear axles, Bendix ADB22X Air Disc optional
    Engine Brake: Options Jacobs compression brake (Detroit)
  • Type: TRW TAS 85, 23.3:1 ratio, RHD; TRW pump; 4 quart reservoir; 508mm (20”) leather 2-spoke steering wheel with tilt/telescopic column
  • Front tyres: Michelin Multiway 3D XZE 295/80R22.5 16 ply
    Rear tyres: Michelin X Multiway D 11R22.5 16 ply
    Front rims: Maxion 22.5 x 8.25 steel
    Rear rims: Maxion 22.5 x 8.25 steel
    Steel & aluminium & Ultrax 1 disc wheels available
  • Options: Fuel tank sizes available from 227 litres to 567 litres in 23” & 25” diameter configurations; heavy-duty polished stainless steel straps; EquiFlo inboard fuel system; fuel cooler standard
  • Type: Heat-treated steel alloy 120ksi. 5/16” x 10 ” single 176” to 220” wheelbase & double rail, 176” to 246” wheelbase ” x 10¾” single 176” to 238” wheelbase & double rail 176” to 252” wheelbase
  • Alternator: Delco Remy 12V 160 AMP, 36 SI Brushless, Quadramount pad alternator with remote battery volt sense
    Batteries: 3 Alliance Model 1131, Group 31, 12 volt maintenance-free 2775 CCA batteries with threaded studs, Optional 4 Alliance, Group 1231, 12 volt maintenance-free 4400 CCA batteries with threaded studs, 4 Alliance, Model 9A31, Group 31, 12 volt glass mat 3700 CCA batteries with threaded studs, Positive cab power battery shut-off switch
    mounted in cab outboard of driver’s seat
    Starter Options: Delco 12V 39MT/OCP HD series starter with thermal protection
    Battery Box: Standard Steel (3) battery size box mounted along side of rail; numerous options, side mounted & in frame mounted (subject to application)
    Headlamps: Dual 178mm (7”) round headlamps
    Tail Lamps: Dual stop, tail, turn & reversing lamps, Optional LED and stainless steel rear light bar
    Marker Lamps: 5 amber LED chrome rectangular, 2 amber LED chrome rectangular if roof mounted condensor fitted
    Courtesy Lamps: Dome, under dash & in both doors
    Switches: Three spare accessory switches; wiring & relay for bull lights
    Reading Lamps: Adjustable with individual switches in overhead console & above both doors
  • Instrument Panel:
    Black panel, Optional Vinyl ‘Woodgrain’ in Royal Rosewood available, Optional ‘Woodgrain’ in Cherry simulated
    Instruments & Gauges:
    Metric primary & secondary air pressure gauges, low air buzzer & lamp, fuel gauge, voltmeter, engine coolant temperature, oil pressure, engine oil temperature, exhaust temperature, rear axle oil temperature, transmission oil temperature, 89mm (3½”) diameter speedometer/odometer & 89mm (3½”) electronic tachometer with hour meter, Datastar, gauge finish in black bezel, or optional silver bezel
    Front Bumper Options:
    18” chrome bumper, ECE-R93 conforming Front Underrun Protection (FUPS) for 26m applications. 4 or 5 post Road Train also FUPS rated
    Air Tank Dryer:
    1 CR Turbo 2000 air dryer with heater, Optional Dual CR Turbo 2000
    Air Tanks:
    Steel in rail, optional aluminium & some applications perpendicular outside rail
    Air Tank Drain:
    Bendix Westinghouse DV-2 auto moisture ejector without heater (optional heater available) to wet tank-drain valves on all other tanks
    Air Line Piping:
    Reinforced nylon lines, cab/chassis, Optional wire braid chassis lines
    Cab Shell & Doors:
    ECE-R29 conforming cab, E-Coated galvanised severe service 109” BBC (4800FXC) 123” BBC (4900FXC) steel cab with aluminised wax rustproofing; welded construction; exterior fibreglass sunvisor; fibreglass cab skirts; stainless sill plates
    Sleeper Cab Options:
    Starlight sleepers are available as 34” low roof, 48” low & 48” ultra low roof configurations,
    Stratosphere ‘walk-through’ sleepers are available in 34”, 40”, 54” & 68” configurations; side shield & aero kit options
    Polished aluminium; safety grip on fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, battery boxes and/or toolboxes
    Bonnet & Fenders:
    Sloped tilt fibreglass hood with stainless steel grille bezel with insect screen; radiator
    mounted aluminium grille; mudflaps behind front tyres
    Full cab & firewall insulation; cab undercoating; barium/ceramic/foam insulation to floor & toeboard
    Grab Handle:
    LH & RH exterior grab handles mounted to cab, LH&RH interior grab handles mounted to A-post
    Dual stainless steel primary mirrors, heated with lights (options include electric or manual); door mounted,
    Dual 152mm (6”) stainless steel convex auxiliary mirrors mounted below primary mirrors, optional 203mm (8”) convex mirrors & 102mm x 229mm (4” x 9”) LH mounted downview mirror
    Dual rectangular Hadley 660mm (26”) air horns with shields; single tone electric horn, Optional Single Hadley 26” rectangular air horn Dual round air horns, single base, mounted under cab, Quad Horns Stratosphere - Dual 22” chrome round horns & dual 19” chrome round horns, Quad Horns - Dual 22” chrome round airhorns mounted on cab roof
    Trailer Air Valves:
    Hand control valve; tractor protection valve; light connections, all behind cab or optional EOF
    Clear laminated 2-piece windscreen; tinted, optional 1-piece (Australian fit); tinted safety glass side & rear; powered LHS door window, Optional powered dual RHS & LHS door windows
    3.2kW (45,000 BTU) fresh air intake
    Air Conditioning:
    Integrated with radiator mounted condenser, Optional Red Dot roof mounted air conditioning condenser
    Interior Trim:
    Mesa vinyl upholstery package with diamond stitching on door panels & back panel Soft touch trim on overhead console, windshield post covers, trim above doors & upper door panels; dual interior sunvisors with pocket;
    moulded overhead console with passenger side storage area; side window defrost ducts & integrated arm rests; driver & passenger side map pockets & rubber floor mats
    Driver’s Seat:
    National 2000 high back: 3-point retractor seat belt; driver’s seat armrests, Options include National 2000, Bostrom, Seats Inc. integrated & Isri seats available
    Passenger’s Seat:
    Tubular frame, fixed mount; 3-point retractor seat belt, Options include National 2000, Bostrom,
    Seats Inc. integrated & Isri seats available
    White PPG acrylic urethane to cab & hood basecoat/clearcoat; red chassis, silver rims (options include custom paint)
    * Subject to conditions:
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    Detailed information.
    Full Warranty details and limitations.
    The latest details on specifications, options, prices and availability.

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